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Best selling Titles of Book Rivers

Experiencing the true success of Self Publishing in India, we are standing with many bestselling titles in account. This success is dedicated to all the hard working and talented authors who have dedicated their life to literature.

Self Book Publishing In India

Publish your book easily with self-publishing in India. Self Publishing is the latest and fastest growing trend in the publishing enterprise. Several authors are engaging with it due to its popularity.

Book Rivers is unique online publisher in India and different from traditional publishing companies, as it allows the book publisher to have control of the entire publishing and distribution process. It also offers Author branding and promotion services, which helps the authors to reach their target audiences.

You will get the full copyright and all profits. The most useful feature of the book publishing is, and whatever you spend, you can earn it back quickly.Publishing an book is simpler than ever. But doing it properly still needs a great arrangement of work which you can expect from Book Rivers.

Online Book Publisher In India

Book Rivers is a rapidly growing online publishing company in India. Book Rivers work on Print on demand basis We share 100% profit with you on each sale. The categories of books we accept are art, fiction, Science, non-fiction, technology, poetry, health, academic, and regional.

With are the renowned best book publisher in India, So we take care of stock maintenance and availability of the book. We help you keep your books available on leading online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Kobo,Kindle, Goodreads, Google Books, Google, etc. Through self-publishing with Book Rivers, you can also distribute your books internationally and can engage with the audience directly.

Books printed through our print on-demand book publisher in India never go out-of-style. Self Publishing in India is a new model for Online book publishing .Choosing the right company is essential that could assist you in publishing your book